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Has the quiet yearning of your heart led you to discover this page?  This is your invitation to accept the calling and lean into becoming The Ritual Woman you are.  To create a life that is only ever in true alignment with your heart's truth and your true nature.  Are you ready to remember and come home to yourself?

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Bring the Power of Ritual into Your Life

here you will become your own

RitUAl WomAn

Welcome.  Within these virtual pages you will discover invitation upon invitation to meet yourself through the power of Ritual.  Not everything here will be for you.  It's not meant to be.  Because we are not all the same.  Your expression is unique for you.  

The Ritual Woman is a container of sorts.  An energetic, cyber container for you to play in, to be messy in, to explore in, to unravel in, to reclaim yourself in, and to empower yourself in.  

It's a space to meet all of the parts of yourself.  You the ones you know.  The ones you have forgotten.  The ones that were shamed and put away.  The ones that are doing their best to protect you ... even if they are going about it in unhelpful ways.  It's a space to meet the whole of who you are.

It's also a space for you to choose your heart.  To choose your Soul.  To choose what turns you on and lights you up!

And this space also has a witchy, tricksy, embodied ritual twist to it all ✨  

the RitUAl WomAn

Your Guide

My name is ELiSSA

I had an awakening of sorts.  It wasn't any one moment or event.  Just a lingering feeling building over years that, at the time, felt like something was missing.  So I went in search of that elusive missing piece.  But it wasn't missing.  Or broken.  Or lost.  I had just forgotten.  The Ritual Woman is a remembering and a coming home to who we truly are.  A celebration of our true innate nature.  Are you ready to journey with me?

Would you like to journey alongside us?

As The Ritual Woman evolves, the ONLY place to stay connected will be the email list.  Being on the email list gives you access to special events, offers and rituals not found anywhere else. 

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