RitUAl  e~booK

Your Ritual Pathway to Coming Home to You

Elissa Wilson

The ritual woman

RitUAl e~booK

Let Me Tell You More About
The Ritual e~Book

At it's core this is an offering from my heart to yours. 

All of the rituals in this book have, at some point, supported me to come home to myself.  To connect with my heart.  To remember who I am.  And to nurture and nourish. 

This will also be the first incarnation of this book.  Because, like me, it is already evolving and wanting to become more.  It already wants to be expressed in different ways.  Ways that will further support you to connect more deeply. 

But it also needs to find it's way into the world and begin to nurture, nourish and support soon. Because this will also end up being a co-creation with you.  It will be your feedback and questions and suggestions that will ultimately see this humble little eBook become the fullest expression of what it wants to become. 

Sign up for the waitlist now to journey alongside this offering and to receive cheeky little bonus offerings and gifts along the way. 

Big, big love, Elissa xx   

RitUAl e~booK

You'll learn:


The Essential Elements of Rituals - what they are and how to harness them


How to Create a Ritual Space - no matter where you are


Different types of Grounding Practices - find one that works for you


The Art of Intention Setting - A Simple Framework


AND receive 40 Days of Rituals for you to explore all the ways you might connect more deeply with who you truly are 

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About Elissa

Elissa is a master space holder and leader of embodied rituals. She supports and guides women to come home to who they truly are, reclaiming their Sovereignty and live heart-open, soul-led lives.

Elissa leads women’s circles and rituals in the South West of Western Australia and where ever her travels take her. 

"Rituals anchor me to who I truly am.  They are my way to connect more deeply ~ to myself, to others and to world around me.  To be a Ritual Woman is to be a woman who is living a heart-open, soul-led life." 

Elissa Wilson
The RitUAl WomAn

RitUAl e~BooK