Your Ritual Pathway to Discerning Your Truth

Elissa Wilson

The ritual woman


Let Me Tell You More About
The Self~Connect Ritual

If you are someone who is struggling to KNOW that you are connected to yourself, let alone to everything in all time and space, then you are exactly where you need to be.  

For so long, a lot of us have been conditioned to default to a perceived higher authority outside of ourselves.  To tune out our own innate wisdom.  Not to trust that we always have and always will be innately connected to what is true for us, in alignment with the highest version of ourselves.  

This ritual is your invitation to Self~Connect.  

To come home to yourself as a Sovereign being.  

To discern what is alignment with your Highest Perspective.  


You'll learn:


To step into your Genius - Higher Version - Soul Perspective - Heart's Truth of YOU


An effective way to listen (and connect) with the KNOWING of your body


To discern when something IS in alignment with your Heart's Truth


To discern when something is NOT in alignment with your Heart's Truth


Begin to make choices from a connected knowing ... that you've already got!

Access the SeLf~CoNNect RitUAl



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About Elissa

Elissa is a master space holder and leader of embodied rituals. She supports and guides women to come home to who they truly are, reclaiming their Sovereignty and live heart-open, soul-led lives.

Elissa leads women’s circles and rituals in the South West of Western Australia and where ever her travels take her. 

"The Self~Connect Ritual was one of the first ways that I began to feel truly connected to myself and my innate wisdom after decades of feeling disconnected, broken and numb.  It is my honour to share it with you.“

Elissa Wilson
The RitUAl WomAn