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As The Ritual Woman, Elissa has been having wonderful conversations with people all over the world.  
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BEYOND THE SURFACE ~ RESISTANCE AS MAGIC"An enriching and thought-provoking conversation that empowers you to

Beyond The Surface

HEALING THROUGH LOVE ~ MYSTICAL MOMENTS GUIDE"Step into a world where the mundane meets the

Healing Through Love

BRIANNA'S HOME FOR TEA ~ RITUALS MADE UN-COMPLICATED"... grab your notebook, pen and favourite cuppa

Brianna’s Home for Tea

RISING WITH PHOENIX GRACE ~ REVERENCE TO CONNECT"... delve into the art of connecting with

Rising with Phoenix Grace

Release to Revive ~ The Magic of Intention & EmbodimentGetting out of our heads and

Release to Revive

The Divine Mess ~ Embark on the Sacred Journey of LifeThe Divine Mess is a

The Divine Mess

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