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As The Ritual Woman, Elissa has been having wonderful conversations with people all over the world.  
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DON’T WORRY I’M HERE ~ the magic of intentions”This episode is a must watch, you will significantly benefit from it. I know I have.”~Nadia Blair, Don’t Worry I’m Here Discover Don’t Worry I’m Here

Don’t Worry I’m Here with Nadia Blair

SHINE WITHIN ~ UNVEILING MAGIC AND EMPOWERMENT”This episode is a treasure trove of insights on how to integrate creativity and intuition into your daily life, empowering you to transform and connect deeply with yourself and the world around you.”~Gina Kunadian, Shine Within Discover Shine Within

Shine Within with Gina Kunadian

TURNS OUT SHE’S A WITCH ~ INTERVIEW WITH THE RITUAL WOMAN, ELISSA”We chat about tapping into the power of ritual within everyday moments, such as having a cup of tea”~Shannon and Laura, Turns Out She’s A Witch Discover Turns Out She’s A Witch

Turns Out She’s A Witch with Shannon and Laura

BLOOD SLUT ~ THE BENEFITS OF RITUALISING YOUR LIFE”In this episode we share a bunch of our favourite rituals and WHY they are so important to nourish our relationships and OURSELVES!”~Gem Campbell, Blood Slut Discover Blood Slut

Blood Slut with Gem Campbell

BEYOND THE SURFACE ~ RESISTANCE AS MAGIC”An enriching and thought-provoking conversation that empowers you to turn resistance into a superpower!”~Ashley-Ann, Beyond The Surface Discover Beyond The Surface with Ashley-Ann

Beyond The Surface

HEALING THROUGH LOVE ~ MYSTICAL MOMENTS GUIDE”Step into a world where the mundane meets the magical, delving into how to transform everyday experiences into magical ones”~ Sharlene & Rose, Healing Through Love Discover Healing Through Love

Healing Through Love

BRIANNA’S HOME FOR TEA ~ RITUALS MADE UN-COMPLICATED”… grab your notebook, pen and favourite cuppa love as we chat about starting your self care journey and creating ritual associations in our habits”~Brianna, Brianna’s Home for Tea Discover Brianna’s Home for Tea

Brianna’s Home for Tea

RISING WITH PHOENIX GRACE ~ REVERENCE TO CONNECT”… delve into the art of connecting with reverence, slowing down, and turning simple moments into sacred rituals.”~ Phoenix, Rising with Phoenix Grace Discover Rising with Phoenix Grace

Rising with Phoenix Grace

Release to Revive ~ The Magic of Intention & EmbodimentGetting out of our heads and into our bodies, exploring how to do that for a more intuitive and intentional way of living. Jackie and Elissa unpack this, plus … find out her take on relationships and creating habits to serve you.  Discover Release to Revive

Release to Revive

The Divine Mess ~ Embark on the Sacred Journey of LifeThe Divine Mess is a transformative podcast exploring the magical energies of the Empowered Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  Join Elissa in a conversation with Teena Maree Ryan and Kirtideva Peruman and Embark on the Sacred Journey of Life.  Discover The Divine Mess

The Divine Mess

Witch Wednesdays ~ The Magical in the Mundane”… chat all about mystical moments and the magic in the mundane of daily life.  If you ever feel overwhelmed or short on time when it comes to your witchcraft and spirituality, this episode is for you.” ~ Steph, Witch Wednesdays Discover Witch Wednesdays

Witch Wednesdays

New Podcast Episodes ~ Coming SoonOver the coming weeks, as they are released, we will be adding new episodes with converations between Elissa and other amazing creators around the world.  Subscribe to the email list to find out when they land. 

New Episodes Coming Soon

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