Connect to your heart's truth through the power of Somatic Magic.  Reclaim this part of yourself as you journey with your body through Somatic practices.

Your Ritual Recording ...

BioEnergetic Shaking Ritual

A Somatic practice for grounding and presence.

Choose your own background music depending on how you're feeling today.

SoMAtic MaGic

You love working with your physical body and are drawn to practices and modalities that involve
* movement - like breathwork, yoga and ecstatic dance

* body work - like massage, ice baths and float tanks

* and the body's different systems, especially the nervous system

You understand that our bodies keep the score and are powerful, sacred vessels capable of greatness. 

These qualities have you very connected to your spirituality through your body. 

Because of this, a great place to start your spiritual journey and connect more deeply within, is with a Somatic Ritual.  

It will feel more like coming home to you because you are more at home in this space just now.  That is not to say that other areas will also have a pull … after all … everything is connected.  

And as you strengthen your connection with your true nature by deeply going within, you will expand your capacity to extend outwards to encompass new ideas and philosophies.

A note on staying too comfortable though … it keeps us stuck.  Yes, we are safe, however it is when we lean into our edges that true growth happens. 

Often the things that make us feel most uncomfortable are the areas where the most gold can be mined.  

More on that later down your path to coming home to you.  For now, let’s cultivate the connection you already have to self and anchor into what already calls to you. 

Somatic Ritual Woman

Archetypes are a common representation for a set of characteristics and can be powerful anchors to help you access those qualities within yourself.  When you embody an Archetype, you become it.

Archetypal energies that may resonate and that you can cultivate more of to strengthen your connection to this type of Ritual are ...

Wild Woman
Go With What feeLs Right, 
eVen if it eNds Up beiNg wRoNg

Before We Begin

Understanding the foundation of RitUAl in three easy steps

Ritual Woman_Check-in

Begin each Ritual with a simple scan of your body ~ your physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

Simply notice what is and take any notes you wish to.

At the end of each Ritual, do the same scan of your body, taking any notes.

This simple process allows you to track your experiences. 

Tritual Woman_Intention

When it comes to intention setting, it's best to keep things simple.

Choose to be of service to your Highest Self.  

Choose to get the benefit of the process which is to {fill in the blank}.

Choose to know that you are connected to everything in time and space at all times. 

Ritual Woman_Reverance

When sitting in Ritual it is important to bring a sense of Reverance to the space.  This ultimately means a deep respect.

Note that this does not mean seriousness.  

You can still express any emotion that comes up that is true for you and hold Reverance. 

What You Will Need

to get you started on your journey

Sacred Space

Create a space that feels safe enough to go as deep as you need to go for each ritual. 

It may just be in your mind for a quite spell or it may require more space and privacy.

Choose what is right for the Ritual you are performing.


Whilst not necessary, anchors like ...


Essential Oils




can help you to focus your mind and energy to the Ritual your are performing.

Journal & Pen

Also not a requirement, is a journal that you can record your experiences in.

It serves as a space for you to reflect and witness your own growth.  


Again, depending on the type of Ritual you are performing, you may or may not require nourishment.

That being said, having at least some water on hand allows you to nourish with this elixir of life. 

In case you missed it at the top of the page

Your Ritual Recording ...

BioEnergetic Shaking Ritual

A Somatic practice for grounding and presence.

Choose your own background music depending on how you're feeling today.

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